Roam the streets of Lower Austria as disguised police patrol. The "Hunter", your special police car, blends in perfectly but can also be transformed instantly into an armored and heavily armed relentless tool of destruction. This allows you to bring any road user who is violating traffic rules or common sense to justice... but beware:


The streets are ruled by violent gangs while the general population doesn't bother for even a little bit of respect for each other. Drivers, pedestrians, bicycle users and even animals behave ruthless, egoistic or simply stupid. It is your job to find and execute violators without mercy, cash in rewards, manage your department, research technology and make the streets peaceful again.

General Information

StreetJustice is 3rd-Person RPG-Adventure game. Part of the gameplay aims for fast-pace action and shooting like a car-combat game mixed with everything you’d expect from a driving simulator, but at its core StreetJustice is highly influence by classic RPG games. In that sense the player has to deal with strategic elements, resource management, research and character development as well as the famous RPG dialogue textboxes!

The game features a campaign with a clear focus on story and exploration as well as some crazy multiplayer modes (both local and online) where the player’s driving and shooting skills are put to the test. Visually the game design is partially based on comic books and therefore aims to appeal with a simplistic yet crafty and colorful art style somewhere between realism and the abstract.

Behind the parody and the sarcastic depiction of Austria as a snap-shot of Central European charm StreetJustice can be seen as a mirror critically showing contemporary problems with public demeanor, missing law enforcement, the economic situation, and the struggles of the regular guy who wants nothing more than his Wurstsemmel.

Game and Development

The game is currently in an early stage of development by sIPXgames in collaboration with other talented game developers from the region. While this page has only just started to grow and will be updated often, more detailed and frequented devlogs will most likely be available on sIPXgames or our other social media channels first.

Although keeping multiple platforms an option the game's initial release is planned to be for PC only via digital distribution in 2017. A first press release is scheduled to be available by the end of 2016.

Around summer this year we already plan to go public with first teasers and trailers and to make an entry into the Steam Greenlight program, where we hope for your support!

Currently the game is conceived to have the following features:

    -) Open-World Campaign
    -) Gamepad Support
    -) Local Multiplayer and Online Matchmaking
    -) Various Multiplayer Modes and Battle Arenas


Here are some screenshots from various stages of development. Please keep in mind that these are previews of a work in progess. Stay tuned and simply browse by from time to time to see for yourself how the game is evolving.


Originated in 2013 as a mere blog about videogames, game development and game reviews, sIPXgames began developing indie games mid 2014. Since that there are several games with varying scopes in development or released under that label.

Continuously expanding and always striving to become a real home for "stray cats" and bringing together various talented developers to pull on one string, in late 2015 sIPXgames teamed-up with several other indies for the first time to work on StreetJustice. After intense planning the development of the game began at the end of 2015. Until today our team has grown to more than six people covering every branch of the development.

Feel free to contact us under if you have any questions or you want to support this project. We look forward seeing you on one of the social platforms linked below.